Hail to the Freelancer

Hey Freelancer,

I’m guessing you spend a fair bit of time working in Internet cafes, where you’re not as distracted by the urge to put on your avatar mask and re-enact your favourite scenes from the movie (I’m not naming names, Vivian).

If you do, maybe this list of WIFI passwords will come in handy. I’ve collected a few now, and it might be easier to see them written here than have to ask for them in Chinglish/中语。

(Beautiful female stalkers, don’t think you can track my movements based on this list. I just moved house.)

  1. Il Panino Wujiang Lu: paninowujiang
  2. Wagas Wujiang Lu: ilovewagas
  3. Krispie Kreme, Wujiang Lu (8x0s): 00000000
  4. Mr Pancake, Wuding Lu: mr.pancake
  5. Munchies, Wuding Lu: Munchies@2011
  6. Jamaica Blue Wulumuqi Lu: 0123456789
  7. Breeze Café, Anfu Lu: breeze09
  8. B&C Bar, Changde Lu, Changshou Lu: 5678901234

Do you guys know any others? Please mention them in the comments section.

4 Responses to “Hail to the Freelancer”

  1. This is pretty useful, thanks! Any info on which one of these places gives the most reliable and fastest connection?

  2. I find them all much of a muchness really, but I’d be interested to hear which ones are fastest from someone who’s more of a WiFi connoseiur.

    One more for the list:
    Wagas, Citic square (Nanjing Xi Lu): “i love wagas ” (that’s spaces after ‘i’, ‘love’ and ‘wagas’)

  3. Useful info though i’ve never been to anyone of these.There’re many such info if you search in Baidu, but most of them are in Chinese…

    Plus, it should “中文” or “汉语” rather than “中语”.


  4. Hi Anita,

    Thanks for the suggestion – I’ll take a spin around Baidu and see what I can turn up.
    (PS: I wrote 中语 as a play on ‘Chinglish’. Let me know if you have other ideas about how to translate it.)